Wednesday, 5 October 2011


A friend of mine called me to tell me about a site full of great food for children. 
It is a paradise of recipes from Italy, the place where all children ( even the nasty smelly rude ones) are considered little putti.

I particularly liked the choccy salami- X's fave foods being both chocolate and salami. And the write up made me smile: 

 salame al cioccolato

This fun no-cook chocolate recipe comes from a headmistress in Naples. She told me it’s a firm favourite at birthday parties. She should know. She has a family herself and has been a teacher for over 3 decades. I did a bit of a double take though when she sent me the recipe and I saw limoncello (lemon liqueur) on the list of ingredients. I called her up to check.  “Are you sure about limoncello for kids?” I asked
.“You don’t have to use it” she answered, “rum works just as well”. 


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