Most games say they're educational. But most truly educational games are dull enough to make most adults roll around the floor in the foetal position, chewing the carpet with boredom. This is different - no, really. It's as simple and fun as snap! but it teaches counting really cleverly. Honestly, I didn't believe it  when my mother told me my sister's children learned to count with it, but it really is true. X didn't know one arrangement of dots from another when we started playing it and in just a week or so she can shout them out without blinking and has the concept of counting and winning totally nailed. She's even moved onto advanced cheating. Take it from me it's the game I put back on the top of the pile. If only the box was bigger and could hide the really, really dull stuff like the Fifi and the Flowertots jigsaw. I've even caught myself suggesting a game!

Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits (9)

I just love the idea of a teething biscuit that mummies can wear as a necklace. I ditched the string provided and wore mine on a black satin ribbon. You saw it here first. It's the accessory for all fashionista mummies who want to ironically remind the world that there's a baby waiting to be weaned at home. Like all highly desirable accessories there's a long wait before you are even entitled to buy it. With Bickipegs it's even longer  than waiting for an Hermes Birkin bag - at least a year if you count the pregnancy. In my case it was forty nine years before I got the right to dangle one on my breast. 

lol lola
I was all ready to hate Charlie and Lola: childish envy of Lauren Child's cleverness. But I just can't. X has just got into them big time: books and dvd's
(or dvd-dv's as X says). I just can't help loving hownice both Charlie and Lola are. Such good role models. X now skips around saying"happy to help", which will no doubt be excellent if she ever wants to go into a service industry; and ever since she saw Lola tidying her room she's become practicaly ocd about the covers of our bedclothes.'nice and tidy!' she chants, like a little Hyacinth Bouquet. Lotta is X's fave character because she likes her fluffy coat and the way she walks.

You will probably not be surprised to know that no one gave me any money (or even sent me a nice email) to ask me to review any of the above.