Tuesday, 14 December 2010


We sorted the Christmas cards at the weekend, all on nice white card, and then - when those ran out - we even found some old brown paper. All we had to do tonight was write three little cards for three little extra friends that have suddenly become new best friends today. But is it Arhmen, Armen, Arghman? Or even Amen? It is a church school, after all....
And is that Chanel or Chanelle and Bryanna, Brianna or Prianna? According to the little one it begins with a D; but she's not reliable on letters, to be fair. Can it be shortened to Anna? Calm, steady yourself, this isn't that hard, just get it done. Yes, but is that Briyanna or Breeanna, or Arhnem or Ahmen? Must check the register next time I get to take X to school next year.

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