Thursday, 16 December 2010


Yesterday we were late. It was 7.40 by the time we bundled into the car, and then- click!- the engine just clicked when it should have va-va-voomed. The night before X was playing with the vanity mirror as I unpacked the car so naturally I assumed it was a flat battery. The car might have been going nowhere but my mind went into overdrive, immediately replanning the whole day and how I was to get everywhere and pick up on time as I hauled the poor little girl to the minders on foot so fast that she was running most of the way. I must admit I was a bit fed up, having bought a new car I was hoping that the flat batteries of the twenty year old one were a thing of the past.

At lunchtime I discovered you can book a time to get the AA out. Excellent! They came after I'd given X her bath in the evening and I packed up a little bag of stuff for her to fall asleep in the car with me driving around for an hour to charge it up. The AA came late but hey, I was in the warm watching The Apprentice, so that was fine. When Mr AA finally came he started the car immediately. No, immediately, without even opening the bonnet.

In my hurry in the morning had forgotten that the new car only starts with the clutch depressed. I explained that it might seem like a very silly mistake but I've a twenty year old habit of starting the car with my foot jammed on the accelerator. He gave me a look. Ok, it was a silly mistake. A very silly mistake. Silly mummy. I really felt a very silly mummy. But with hardly even an annoyed eyebrow lift the nice AA man said goodnight and raced off to deal with real emergencies.

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Sparx said...

Wow, I feel a lot better about the call out we had because of a flat battery in the immobiliser key...

Merry Happy!