Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Dakota Fanning (weird name, is it made up?) has grown up. Or rather, now she's now got an even tinier bottom than she had when she sat on an upturned bucket nursing Wilbur in Charlotte's Web - but now she's definitely done her homework in the art of wiggling it in a very grown up way on stage in her new film, The Runaways. Apparently she also does a (yawn,yawn) lippie lezzie kiss with her co-star. The poor child also has a cv ten times longer than mine- only hers is on imdb and nets her a few million a year.

Personally I thought the total star of Charlotte's Web was Templeton, the rat; but X adores Fern. Fern is almost as big a mentor to her as Princess Fiona and Lola. When she saw the picture opposite she protested that it wasn't Fern, it was Fern's mum. Fern will always be about seven to X. Just as Jenny Aguter will always be Roberta,aged about twelve in The Railway Children, to me. Hmmm, I'm rather flattered that X thinks all mums look like Dakota......-must be me dancing around to the theme tune to The Archers at bedtime that makes her think that mums look like Dakota, wiggling their young luscious botties, as satin smooth as their corsets....

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