Tuesday, 27 September 2011


This morning I wouldn't wear my blue jacket ( it's blue and blue is for boys) and the coat was too hot so we had to go back upstairs and find the pink fleece and then Mummy discovered the book wasn't in the book bag (well, of course it wasn't we were reading it last night, she always forgets) so we had to run upstairs again and scrabble about under the bed for it. "It's a bit dirty under there mummy,isn't it, " I said and she said "I know," very crossly. Then she remembered I hadn't cleaned my teeth so we had to run upstairs all over again. she always does them too hard. Then I wanted to wear her lipgloss and she said "no", which was totally unfair because she was wearing it. She shouted "This is not a democracy!" just like she always does when she wants her own way and won't share.  

We were almost at the door when she remembered my packed lunch so she ran back for it, snatched it up and ran out of the house. 
"That's good, you've got your book bag, your jacket, your, scarf your coat, your gym stuff and your packed lunch. All done and not late!" 
"But where's your bag mummy?" I said. 
She had to go to the neighbours, stand on the wall and throw stones and the window to try and wake them up without waking the baby. They let her into their back garden but they looked a bit fed up. She had to climb over the back wall, scale the fence, climb the tree and jump into my sandbox to get to the back door. She goes a bit red and drippy when she has to do stuff like that.  I was looking over the top of the fence. It was quite funny. 

But then she gave ME a lecture all the way to school about remembering things when I had ALL mine and it was HER  that forgot HER bag. 

Silly mummy. 

But she didn't have any lipgloss on by then so at least that was FAIR. 

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