Saturday, 17 September 2011

 I bet Leonardo wasn't kind..

Her first week at school and after, shouting, screaming and making a total pain of myself I managed to squeeze her into breakfast club, a place which appears to run largely for the teachers benefit. However, it is a wonderful little room and although X is scared at the moment as all the other children are much older (don't mummies of her peers work..?) at least it means I will be able to get to work, if I have work to get to. 

On the second day her class teacher showed me the gallery of self portraits that the children had painted. The paint had been carefully mixed to show full cultural diversity and each child had a carefully  blobbed eyes and mouth and hair. Except one, which looked like an exploded pink amoeba with a beard over one ear, no eyes and a mouth at the top. Either my daughter has severe facial dysmorphia or she was painting with her eyes closed and her feet holding the brush. 

The teacher looked at me and raised an eyebrow: "but she's very kind," she said kindly. 

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