Monday, 29 August 2011


We went to ma-ma and pa-pa's where X announced that she wouldn't be calling them ma-ma and pa-pa any more because it is com-pill- ee-cated because people muddle them up with mummies and daddies.  

We had a wonderful weekend with my brother and sister and children (all too grown up to be called children) present and with much to celebrate with one 2.1 in architecture, one going off to do medicine, one going off to to business  studies and one going to Warwick to do A levels. As we put the hideous photo of the degree photo in the cabinet with all the others I said that I hoped they had mortar boards from hairdressing college for X. My mother sadly said she wouldn't be here to see it. 

Cousin Vicky played and played with X and when it was time to go X burst into sobs which didn't stop until we got to Chiswick an hour and a half later. She said that she didn't want to home home with me as it was boring without a brother or a sister. I reminded her she did actually have a sister, even if she doesn't live with her (half-sister, to be precise). She said:" she isn't my sister, I'm her sister because i'm just the little one and she is the big one." At least, I think that's what she said but when I asked her to repeat it she just sighed and said:" it's com-pill-ee-cated." Clearly I don't understand com-pill-ee-cated things. Later smiles returned with some fushia nail varnish. Apparently  the storm of tears were partly due to an interrupted manicure session with cousin Vicky. 

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