Saturday, 18 June 2011


Taking a rasher out of the Gaga look-book Barbie is going to the social event of the season ( the daughter's half-birthday party) wearing clothes that might, at a stretch, be considered edible.

Rate the look- yummy or crummy? She's modelling the latest in sponge and icing by a designer called Morrisons - six Morrisons sponge cakes and enough icing to induce early onset diabetes, to be precise. It would certainly give Jamie Oliver a heart attack. From the e-numbers in the food colouring to the cream-cheese and butter, gaga may well turn out to be a verb not a name. Do not be fooled by the strawberries and blueberries, they're just there to confuse those parents who are pickily middle-class about food actually having actual nutritional value. The fact they were picked up from the Turkish shop on the High Street means that they're full of petrol fumes not vitamins. I cannot believe I now routinely shop in Morrisons and Iceland, where will this slide into turkey twizzler-dom end? I feel for Barbie. Primark or Top Shop is one thing but Morrisons- something else altogether. I always thought of myself as a Waitrose kind of gal.....

I thought X added a good Gaga touch to the ensemble: if you look closely you'll see Barbie's platform shoes stuck to the dress.