Monday, 30 May 2011


It looks totally underwhelming, I know, but I'm quite proud that we had a proper lunch made from leftovers from yesterday almost as if I'm a proper stay at home mummy. I hardly got cross at all about the mess on the kitchen floor. She had the idea of putting cheese in the pastry which, given I doubt she's ever heard of it before, was rather a good idea I thought. Of course she didn't eat any of it. She never eats we make a big effort cooking.

Painting the table pink was another of her ideas - possibly not quite as good as the cheese in the pastry. Apart from anything else, it is chipping off. It's the distressed look- it goes so well with mummy.

Next week is not likely to be easy. I'm busy at work and she has half term. I think she may well be with just babies at her minders. Most of her friends are going away with their parents. Her best friend is in Trinidad for the week.

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