Wednesday, 9 June 2010

 mama mama in the llama poo. 
In llama llama little llama goes to school and misses his mama but after llama has stopped being sad and started to join in and have fun his mama comes and picks him up from school and he learns that he can love school and mama too. 

My brilliant friend Tracy gave X the book when she came over from NY recently and it shows Tracy's a brilliant mama because it's just right for X's next big thing: school. Even though X has decided she hates books it hasn't stopped her learning all the words to this epic poem of loss and yearning. 

But now X thinks that, like llama llama, her mama is going to come and collect her from school. 
Um, noooooo. 
So who is? asks X
Um, haven't a clue....
Mama mama what to do?
Mama mama in the poo....

PS: Just realised that X says she hates books it's because of the immortal lines: ' kids are snuggled on the rug, would llama llama like to look? No, Llama llama hates that book.' Oh well, at least that means she's just copying. Phew. I thought I might have to bop her on the head with my Riverside Shakespeare. 

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