Monday, 10 May 2010


Tonight the bus was very crowded. I always feel sorry for children in buggies when it's crowded, it must be even worse when you're too low to see out of the window. X was doing well. She was in a chatty mood:
' I have two mummies don't I mummy?' she chirps up, with her little piercing voice. 

'Yes darling, you do.'
' And I don't have a daddy, do I mummy?'
'No darling, not that you know, anyway.'
You can practically feel the air stir as ears flap all around us. 

'Ahhh, good for you, two mummies, that's what we like to hear. Are you and your partner married?' says the nice looking lady standing next to me. She beams and  twinkles her eyes at me. 

Luckily our stop arrives so I don't have to commit myself to a reply. The woman waves goodbye flirtatiously.

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