Sunday, 24 January 2010



X is insisting on trying to dress herself these days, which makes for some interesting Houdini moments. But it's not just clothes that seem to get a bit twisted around and back to front with me and X. 

Take the naughty step: how come it's me that's ended up on it? Surely that's not the right way around? I'm still not exactly sure how it happened, but she was right- I had been doing what I told her not to. 

To be fair I'd already been wondering whether the step was quite the deterrent I'd hoped when she started asking to go on it. Isn't that a bit Upsy Daisy? The step was a surprisingly pleasant place- looking at the flowers in the glass on the front door, the sun on the floorboards and a warm cuddle afterwards, but I'm not sure where it's left me in the long term discipline stakes. I'm pretty sure that the telly nanny would have a few stern words with me. The bullying at work seems to have beaten me down somewhat. I've the backbone of a worm these days, it seems. 

When I get down about discipline my Ma sympathises. She says: 'When you lot were little I remember days that seemed to be  nothing but 'no's". Mmmm- I have lots of those- but sadly it's not me saying the 'no's'.
As in, me: "put your shoes on"
X: "No."

And it's not just t- shirts that end up back to front.  X is only just mastering basic vocabulary but she's already a master at turning the argument.
"Please," she shouts, having been lectured on manners. 
"Please put your shoes on, " I repeat, duly chastised. 
"No, thank you," she says. 
"Don't say no to me," says I, quietly but firmly trying to ease myself into the authoritative top position.  
"Can I have some chocolate?"
"Well, don't you say no to me!"

So it's back on the naughty step for me. It's supposed to be a minute for every year of your life, isn't it? Have I got that bit right, at least?

Cripes, 50 minutes.......


Veronica Lee said...

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Theta Mom said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment about Theta Mom - and I was once where you are with the followers. Don't worry, you'll get there!

Great to "meet" you and look forward to blogging with you!!!

Clueless_Mama said...

Hi there! I thought I would come over and get you up to 8 followers:) Don't worry, if you have already found MBC Friends Follow Friends, you will get your numbers up in no time. It looks like you write about some great stuff too. Don't you hate when the kids tell us NO so politely? It makes it hard to get upset with them.
I would love if you follow my blog too if you like what you see.